Terms of Use

.Welcome to ROMEING operated by Goenka Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. ("GLPL"), a private limited company headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India. By accessing and using www.romeing.in and our services, you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy available on this Website. If you do not agree, please do not use this Website.


1. Definitions & Interpretation
Please refer to Schedule 1 for the definitions and provisions related to interpretation, unless otherwise defined herein.

2. General Use of Services and Access of Platform

2.1. Guidelines to the Use of Platform and Services: You agree to comply with all guidelines, notices, operating rules, policies, and instructions provided by us regarding the use of the Services and access to the Platform. We reserve the right to revise these guidelines and policies at any time.

2.2. Restricted Activities: You agree NOT to: Impersonate any person or entity or falsely state your affiliation. Use the Platform or Services for illegal purposes. Attempt unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks. Post, promote, or transmit prohibited materials. Interfere with another user's enjoyment of the Platform or Services. Use software that may contain viruses or harmful components.

2.3. Availability of Platform and Services: We may upgrade, modify, suspend, or discontinue the Platform or any Services without prior notice and shall not be liable if such actions prevent your access.

2.4. Right to Monitor Content: We reserve the right to monitor, screen, and investigate any violation of these Terms of Use. We may restrict or prevent your access and report any unlawful activity to authorities.

2.5. Privacy Policy: Your use of the Services and Platform is subject to our Privacy Policy available at https://romeing.in/pages/privacy-policy.

2.6. Terms & Conditions of Sale and Voucher Terms: Purchases and the use of Vouchers are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale and Voucher Terms available at http://www.romeing.in/terms-of-use.

2.7. Additional Terms: Specific aspects of the Services may be subject to additional terms and conditions provided by us or our subcontractors.

3. Use of Services

3.1. Application of this Clause: These provisions are additional terms governing your use of the Services.

3.2. Restrictions: Use of the Services is limited to authorized Customers of legal age and capacity. Customers in breach of these terms may not use the Services.

3.3. General Terms of Use: You agree to use the Services only for lawful purposes and in good faith, ensuring all posted information is accurate.

3.4. Product Description: While we strive for accuracy, we do not warrant the Products' descriptions are error-free or current.

3.5. Prices of Products: Listing Prices are subject to taxes and may be amended without notice.

3.6. Third Party Vendors: Products sold by Third Party Vendors are subject to their terms and are not directly governed by us.

4. Customers with www.romeing.in Accounts

4.1. Username/Password: Certain Services require account creation. You must keep your Username and Password confidential and update them as necessary.

4.2. Purported Use/Access: You agree any use of the Services and Platform via your Username and Password is your responsibility.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1. Ownership: The Platform and Materials are owned or licensed by us. No part of the Platform or Materials may be reproduced without our permission.

5.2. Restricted Use: You may download or print Materials for personal, non-commercial use with all copyright notices intact.

5.3. Trademarks: Trademarks displayed on the Platform require our written permission for use.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1. No Representations or Warranties: The Platform, Services, and Materials are provided "as is." We do not guarantee accuracy, timeliness, or security.

6.2. Exclusion of Liability: We are not liable for any Losses caused by your use or inability to use the Platform, Services, or Materials.

6.3. At Your Own Risk: You use the Platform at your own risk, and we are not liable for any resulting damages.

7. Hyperlinks, Alerts, and Advertising

7.1. Hyperlinks: We may link to third-party websites for convenience. We are not responsible for the content or consequences of these links.

7.2. Advertising: We may display advertisements on the Platform without obligation to you.

8. Your Submissions and Information

8.1. Submissions by You: You grant us a non-exclusive license to use any materials you submit to the Platform.

8.2. Consent to Receive E-mails: You consent to receive informational and promotional e-mails from us.

8.3. Privacy Policy: You agree to our collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Data as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

9. Termination

9.1. Termination by Us: We may terminate your use of the Platform or Services at any time without notice for any breach of these Terms of Use.

9.2. Termination by You: You may terminate these Terms of Use by providing seven days' notice in writing.

10. Notices

10.1. Notices from Us: Notices to you may be provided through various media.

10.2. Notices from You: You must send notices to us in writing.

11. General

11.1. Cumulative Rights and Remedies: Our rights and remedies under these Terms of Use are cumulative and do not affect our rights under law.

11.2. No Waiver: Our failure to enforce any provision of these Terms of Use does not constitute a waiver of that provision.

11.3. Severability: If any provision of these Terms of Use is illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain valid.

11.4. Rights of Third Parties: These Terms of Use do not confer any rights on third parties.

11.5. Governing Law: These Terms of Use are governed by Indian law, and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.

11.6. Injunctive Relief: We may seek injunctive relief for breach of these Terms of Use.

11.7. Amendments: We may vary these Terms of Use, and your continued use after changes are posted constitutes acceptance.

11.8. Correction of Errors: We may correct errors in any document without liability.

11.9. Currency: All money references are in Indian Rupees.

11.10. Language: The English version of these Terms of Use prevails over any translated version.

11.11. Entire Agreement: These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and us.

11.12. Binding and Conclusive: Our records relating to the Platform and Services are binding and admissible as evidence.

11.13. Sub-contracting and Delegation: We may delegate our functions under these Terms of Use.

11.14. Assignment: You may not assign your rights under these Terms of Use without our consent.

11.15. Force Majeure: We are not liable for non-performance due to events beyond our control.

For notices or communications, please contact:

Head of Legal and Compliance
The Compliance and Legal Officer
Goenka Lifestyles Private Limited
N-1, APMC Mkt-2, Phase-2, Sector 19,
Turbhe Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400705. India.


Terms Of Sale

1. Definitions & Interpretation

Unless otherwise defined, the definitions and provisions for interpretation set out in Schedule 1 apply to these Terms & Conditions of Sale.

2. Purchase of Products

2.1. Your Compliance
You agree to comply with all guidelines, notices, operating rules, policies, and instructions related to purchasing Products through the Platform. These include any amendments issued by www.romeing.in on behalf of the Seller.

2.2. Sellers
Products are sold by “Sellers”. www.romeing.in may act as a “Seller” for selected Products. For Products sold by Third Party Vendors, agreements are directly between the Third Party Vendor and you. Products sold by www.romeing.in are governed by agreements between www.romeing.in and you.

2.3. Placing Your Order
You may place an Order by completing the Order form on the Platform and clicking “Place my Order”. Orders placed in any other manner will not be accepted. You are responsible for the accuracy of the Order details.

2.4. Orders are Irrevocable
All Orders are irrevocable and unconditional upon transmission through the Platform. Seller may process Orders without further consent or notice, except as stated in Clause 8 regarding cancellation or amendment requests.

2.5. Seller’s Acceptance
Each Order accepted by Seller constitutes a separate Customer Contract. Seller reserves the right to decline any Order in its absolute discretion.

2.6. Termination due to Pricing Error
Seller may terminate a Customer Contract if a Product is mispriced on the Platform, regardless of whether the Product has been dispatched or payment charged.

2.7. Product Warranty
Product warranties are as stated on the Platform under “Specifications”. They are limited to the terms and conditions provided and exclude all other warranties unless prohibited by applicable law. Free gift Products are not covered under warranty.

2.8. Customer’s Acknowledgement
You acknowledge that you have not relied on any terms, warranties, or representations not expressly stated in the Customer Contract.

2.9. No Representations or Warranties
No warranties are implied regarding the life, wear, suitability, or specific conditions of the Products unless expressly stated. Seller is not liable for defects arising from improper use, installation, or maintenance.

2.10. Intellectual Property
You may not remove or alter any marks or Product Materials without prior consent. Product Materials remain the property of Seller or its licensors, and any Intellectual Property rights belong solely to Seller or its licensors.

3. Delivery of Products

3.1. Address
Products will be delivered to the address specified in your Order by Seller or www.romeing.in on behalf of Seller.

3.2. Delivery Charges
Delivery and packing charges are specified in the Order.

3.3. Tracking
You can track delivery status on the “Order Tracking” page of the Platform.

3.4. Delivery Timeframe
Delivery is subject to Product availability. Seller will make reasonable efforts to deliver within the stated timeframe, but delays may occur.

3.5. Deemed Receipt
If you do not receive the Product by the projected delivery date and do not inform www.romeing.in within 3 days, the Product is deemed received.

3.6. Voucher for Delay
In case of delivery delays, www.romeing.in may offer a Voucher at its discretion. Acceptance of the Voucher waives further claims against Seller.

3.7. Failure to Take Delivery
If you fail to take delivery of Products, Seller may terminate the Customer Contract.

4. Prices of Products

4.1. Listing Price
The price payable is the Listing Price at the time the Order is transmitted to Seller.

4.2. Taxes
Listing Prices are subject to taxes unless stated otherwise. Seller reserves the right to amend Prices without notice.

5. Payment

5.1. General
Payment methods prescribed by www.romeing.in may be used. Payment is charged upon Seller’s acceptance of the Order. Payments are made to www.romeing.in, including on behalf of Third Party Vendors.

5.2. Additional Terms
Payment methods are subject to additional terms as prescribed by www.romeing.in.

5.3. Payment Methods
You agree to the user agreement of your payment method. Seller is not liable for payment method failures.

5.4. Payment by Voucher
Voucher payments are subject to the Voucher Terms & Conditions.

5.5. Invoicing
Seller may invoice upon payment due date under a Customer Contract.

5.6. Failure to Pay
Seller may cancel the Customer Contract or suspend Product delivery if payment is not made in full.

5.7. Refund of Payment
Refunds are made to the original payment method, except for Cash on Delivery refunded via bank transfer. Processing time depends on banks/payment providers, with associated costs borne by you.

6. Questions and Complaints

Please read these terms carefully. They govern Platform access and Services use. By accessing the Platform or using the Services, you agree to these terms. If you disagree, do not access or use the Platform or Services.

7. Risk and Property of the Goods

7.1. Risk
Risk passes to you upon delivery or if you fail to take delivery.

7.2. Property
Property does not pass until full payment is received.

7.3. Notification
You must notify www.romeing.in of any issues affecting its title to the Goods.

7.4. Non-compliance
Seller may demand delivery of Goods or take legal action for non-compliance.

7.5. Security
You may not pledge Goods as security. Non-compliance makes all debts due immediately.

7.6. Application of Law
Local law applies to these conditions. Legal principles closest in nature apply if conditions are ineffective.

7.7. Indemnity
You indemnify www.romeing.in for costs in enforcing rights under this clause.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1. Remedies
Remedies are sole and exclusive for Product defects.

8.2. Maximum Liability
Seller’s maximum liability is limited to the sums paid under the Customer Contract.

8.3. Exclusion of Liability
www.romeing.in is not liable for losses from other users, Product sale, use, or defects unless caused by Seller’s gross negligence.

9. General

9.1. References
References apply to www.romeing.in for actions as Seller, Platform operator, or Third Party Vendor agent.

9.2. Right to Subcontract
Third Party Vendors may delegate obligations under these Terms to www.romeing.in or its designated agents.

9.3. Cumulative Rights
Seller’s rights are cumulative and do not hinder other rights.

9.4. No Waiver
Seller’s failure to enforce these terms does not waive them.

9.5. Severability
Illegal provisions do not affect the validity of others.

9.6. Rights of Third Parties
Only permitted assignees enforce these Terms.

9.7. Governing Law
Indian law governs these Terms, with exclusive jurisdiction in Mumbai courts.

9.8. Disputes
Disputes are settled by arbitration in Singapore under SIAC rules.

9.9. Injunctive Relief
Seller may seek immediate relief for breaches.

9.10. Amendments
Seller may vary these Terms with notice through the Platform. Your continued use constitutes acceptance.

9.11. Correction of Errors
Errors in acceptance may be corrected without liability.

9.12. Currency
Payments are in Indian Rupees.

9.13. Language
The English version prevails over Foreign Language Versions.

9.14. Entire Agreement
These Terms replace all prior agreements.

9.15. Records
Electronic records are admissible and conclusive.

9.16. Subcontracting
www.romeing.in may delegate obligations.

9.17. Assignment
Assignment of rights requires Seller’s consent.

9.18. Force Majeure
Non-performance due to events beyond control is not Seller’s liability.